Inspections / Pest Prevention

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Ready to make an offer on that dream home of yours? Found an investment property? Be sure of what you are buying by seeking out our inspection services. Timber pests such as termites, borers and wood decay can terminally damage your property and you may not even know it.

Have us inspect your building before buying. We even offer our inspection services to existing homeowners to ensure that you are protected from silent destroyers that may live in your walls. Ongoing inspections are also offered for added protection.

((Prevention is better than cure))

It is quite easy for our experts to prevent an infestation from occurring rather than getting rid of an infestation; lot less time consuming as well.

Call us today and schedule an appointment for an inspection of your home or business today. We will help you stay pest free.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control in Philadelphia

Elite Pest Control is committed in giving you the best service and price for all your pest control and fumigation needs. Call us today!